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The BCJPIA Risk Control Program provides occupational safety and health and risk control consulting services designed to assess risk exposures, identify internal processes to control risks, and create and maintain effective risk management systems. This includes customized safety and risk control assessments, and the development of best management practices that encourage accountability for risks. The BCJPIA Safety and Risk Control Service Plan is developed each year by the Risk Control Manager with input from the Safety & Loss Prevention Committee, Member Safety Liaisons, and Police and Public Works Representatives. The plan is adopted every fiscal year by the Board of Directors.


The BCJPIA Risk Control Program includes the Critical Control and Safety Credit Program to assist each member in implementing best risk control and safety practices to protect the assets of the individual member and the risk-sharing pool. The Critical Control and Safety Credit Program include the choice of four of six Critical Control areas that reflect the most significant workers’ compensation and general liability loss areas for our members. Performance measurement criteria have been developed for each Critical Control area. Member evaluations are performed at the end of each two year cycle in the program. The Critical Control areas include Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP), Ergonomics Program, Police Civil Liability, Public Works Liability, Defensive Drive, and Risk Transfer. 


Customized Consulting and Training
The BCJPIA Risk Control Manager works with each member to identify the needs of each organization and to deliver customized consulting and training projects within the allocated budget. Members may request risk control services by contacting Joe Costamagna, BCJPIA Risk Control Manager, at 916.290.4614 or by email at

Regional Risk Control Workshops
The BCJPIA Risk Control Service Plan, available on the "Safety & Risk Control" (Members Only) page, includes workshops available to all pool members. The BCJPIA Workshops focus on significant loss areas for member agencies and provide training to assist in the implementation of risk control and occupational safety best practices.

Additional workshops, such as liability training for police and public works and the Bay Area Training Consortium are available to BCJPIA members.  More information on these trainings can be found on the "Safety & Risk Control" page under the "Members Only" tab.

Risk Control Webinars
The BCJPIA Risk Control Plan includes one-hour webinars to provide additional training to all pool members. The Webinar Series will significantly expand the range of topics and offer training opportunities for staff unable to attend frequent off-site trainings.  More information on these webinars can be found on the "Safety & Risk Control" page under the "Members Only" tab.

On-line Safety Resources
Members have access to a variety of sample safety programs and pertinent safety resources on the Safety and Risk Control page in the "Members Only" section. In addition, members have free on-line access to hundreds of safety training videos. Many videos are offered in multiple languages and most have a corresponding Instructor’s Guide to help management achieve training best practices associated with the Safety Credit Program critical controls.

Contact Information
For assistance or additional information contact Joe Costamagna, BCJPIA Risk Control Manager, at 916.290.4614 or