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 Employment Practices Liability

BCJPIA obtains primary layer employment practices liability coverage through the Employment Risk Management Authority (ERMA).  ERMA provides broad coverage up to $1,000,000 per occurrence, for employment practices liability and tailored loss prevention services to reduce employment practices liability exposure of its Members.

Some of the benefits ERMA povides are:

  • The Employee Reporting Line, a third-party reporting service that is available through a toll-free number or online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing a simple, accessible, and unbiased reporting mechanism for employees to report workplace wrongdoing;
  • The Attorney Hotline, a free service for members allowing them access, through a toll-free number, to one hour per month of free legal advice from one of two law firms that specialize in defending public sector employment practices claims. Both law firms will assist with day-to-day employment related issues that are routine in nature regarding terminations, leaves of absence, harassment allegations etc.;
  • Employment Practices Training, provided both via live training and online. The live training is conducted on a regional and individual basis providing attendees with training that satisfies the state mandated requirements of AB 1825 and develops practical strategies for preventing loss and managing risk in the area of employment practices. The online training is individual, interactive training available 24, 7 to meet the state requirements of AB 1825 and AB 1234, ethics education.

For more specific information regarding ERMA, please contact Jennifer Jobe, Executive Director, or Kathy Maylin, Litigation Manager, at (800) 541-4591, ext. 19141 and ext. 19181 respectively.

Please visit the ERMA website for a calendar of upcoming ERMA Training Sessions.

$1,000,000 - $3,000,000

MEMBER SIRs - $1,000,000











Excess Employment Practices Liability

BCJPIA also group purchases excess EPL coverage ($2M in excess of $1M) through Lloyd's of London/Beazley (Beazley). This coverage is a "following form" coverage, excess of the ERMA's Memorandum of Coverage. 

For more information on resources Beazley has available to BCJPIA members regarding EPLI policies and procedures, please see the quick video below. To view the video fullscreen, please double click on it.

If you need assistance with these resources, please contact staff at