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BCJPIA Allocation Webinar
Webinar Discussion of the Member Reports for the Self-Insured Workers' Compensation and Liability Programs. read more ...
BCJPIA Alliant Vendors/Contractors vs. Special Events Coverage Webinar
Alliant Insurance Services held a webinar on Tuesday, January 5th to review Special Liability Insurance coverage, Special Events coverage, and Vendors/Contractors coverage. This webinar will cover the differences between the three coverages and when it is appropriate to use each coverage. Please click here to view the recorded webinar. The Powerpoint presentation is also available here.  
Bickmore Contractual Risk Transfer Manual
Bickmore has released its new Contractual Risk Transfer (CRT) Manual, which is available to all BCJPIA members. CRT is used for contracts/agreements, special event permits, participation agreements, and many other situations when agencies obtain products, services, or permits activities on agency properties. The manual simplifies the CRT process. Click Here to access the Bickmore website and request a copy of the CRT manual. 
BCJPIA Legislative Update
The following is an update on some of the key legislative activity as it relates to worker's compensation and the BCJPIA program as well as an industry update. Click on "read more" for a summary of these updates. read more ...
 Welcome to BCJPIA

The Bay Cities Joint Powers Insurance Authority (BCJPIA) is a joint powers insurance authority consisting of fifteen cities, three towns, and one police authority located within 100 miles of the City of Emeryville, California.



The Authority has met all of the high professional standards established by the California Association of Joint Powers Authorities (CAJPA) in the areas of governance, finance, claims control, safety and loss prevention, excess coverage, and risk management and is proud to have held the highest designation possible since June 28, 1999: "Accredited with Excellence."



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